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June 19, 2006

My First Entry

This is my first attempt to participate in a blog. Paul was up very late last night getting this site up. Pretty cool that he was able to get over his hump all by himself. Kudos!!

O.K., so the purpose of this is to be able to keep in contact with those who we love and miss and to be able to inform them of our adventures. To get to the point of being able to leave has been a journey unto itself. It is truly amazing at the amount of details that must be considered when planning on packing up your life. We started with a huge master list and have made dozens of lists from that one list alone. At times this is overwhelming at yet it keeps you sane at the same time knowing that you are on track. The track seems to be never ending, but at least we are on it.

Welcome to PoJoGo

Welcome to our life log. We're Paul "Po" and Joanne "Jo" Sarena, and we're about to embark the long held dream of world travel, and hope to share our thoughts and experiences here with you.