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July 31, 2007

Summer in Montreal

It has been a looooooong time since our last post, and there's just no good reason. Despite being in Montreal for the summer and having ready access to the Net to post - well, we've been focused on other things.

Family and the city have pretty much captured our attention over the last two months. My niece Ashley is nearly two and is such a peach. Sweet as pie. Whenever she gets wide-eyed and exclaims "Uncle Paul!" with a smile that stretches ear to ear - well, there's nothing like it.

As for the city, well after the icy winter, the city overblooms in summer with festival after festival, lots of fireworks, music, comedy and get togethers with old friends. This weekend we did some boating. See Joanne and I get whipped around behind a boat on an inner tube: