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Paul 2006-09-10

"For some it is crazy. For others, normal." said the Berlin taxi driver after a huge drunk Russian chased our friend Bill in an unprovoked rage after he ducked into the cab and wrestled the door closed in a frantic tug of war while yelling "Go! Go! Go!!" and screeching away, narrowly missing being beaten to a pulp.

This relativistic view on life fascinates me. What "it" is depends on your perspective, which is defined by your unique set of past experiences.

For example, let's take a baseball game. If, in childhood you bonded with your father over hot dogs and cracker jacks at the ballpark, and later laughed and drank under the summer sun with friends at tailgate parties, you probably get the warm-and-fuzzy feeling, at the thought of the game. Without these experiences, you might find the game agonizingly slow and monotonous. Obviously if you are a professional ball player, you'd have an entirely different perspective on it. As would a mascot, greens keeper, talent scout or Tibetan who may have heard of the word but has no idea what it means.

So, for every "it", there are as many definitions as there are people whose perspective "it" must flow through to arrive at meaning.

So then, what is "it", really, if defined separately by each observer?

More thoughts to come as I have time to explore


Permalink by alex   |  September 30, 2006 08:05 AM

hey guys! I haven't taklked to you in a while! OH! how was your trip at king's palace? I hope your having fun! I have to go but I hope to talk to you soon!!!

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