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Soaking in Montreal

Paul 2006-10-16
Soaking in Montreal

It's with fresh eyes that we encounter Montreal again, and in many ways, for the first time.

Despite each growing up in Montreal, it was the suburbs we knew well. Much of the city itself was unexplored.

We've rented a furnished apartment Plateau Mont Royal, right between the most interesting parts of the vibrant St-Laurent and St-Denis streets, right by St-Louis Square and the pedestrian only Prince Arthur Street. It's serving as an excellent backdrop for our exploration of the diverse and vibrant urban lifestyle of Montreal.

All of this has been very good for our spirits, and Jo is doing so much better and has regained most of her strength back. What a champ! We'll keep taking it easy and hope that the amazing healing continues...


Permalink by john condos   |  October 29, 2006 01:47 PM

Dr. Condos said you'd get better quickly. i won't charge you for the unsolicited consultation this time but future medical emergencies will cost ya.

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