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Double Slit Experiment

Paul 2006-11-04

The infamous double slit experiment in Physics is one of those things that energized me when I saw it.

It shows how matter sometimes behaves like a particle and other times like a wave. Strangely, it's whether you're looking or not that makes the difference....

When you're not looking, they behave like a wave and appear to be everywhere at once - infinite positions in superposition. The instant you look, the wave collapses into a single location and reality is formed.

Think about this for a moment. The act of observing causes reality to be constructed. If you're not observing, all there is is potential.

See for yourself, click play:

Your act of observing causes the universe to manifest potentiality into reality. Better yet, you can choose to observe or not, or what to observe; in effect you manifest the reality around you through your choices.


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