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Gem in the Rough

Paul 2006-12-14

The first time we were in Quito, we stopped in at a fruit restaurant, Fruiterie Monterserrat and loved the atmosphere, but weren't hungry. Well Joanne wasn't hungry she had just come out of the MRI machine and was still a little shaken.

The fact that there's a restaurant dedicated to fruit is a testament to the amazing variety and freshness of Ecuador's tropical fruits!

Today, while exploring the historical center of Quito, we stumbled across it again. We were admiring the decor when a waiter offered "Otro cuicina?" (other food?) and directed us up some stairs. We thought he was showing us to some more seating upstairs, but in reality, another restaurant called Otro Cuicina was to be found - with a rooftop terrace overlooking the best looking part of Quito!

Our waiter brought us some complimentary hot mulled wine and we enjoyed it and the atmosphere so much that we ordered a thermos of it with some salad and empenadas!

We'll always remember the sight of the sun setting and the city lights coming on through the clouds...


Permalink by Gug   |  December 15, 2006 01:41 PM

Mmmm mulled wine, coming up soon for Christmas Eve.

Permalink by carissa klein   |  December 15, 2006 11:45 PM

Hi PoJo!
So glad to see that you are having a great time! I can't stop thinking about our journey to South Africa togethor. I hope you are still keen. Tiene un buen dia!

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