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Traveling vs. Vacationing

Joanne 2007-02-10
While traveling, we try to dive into the local culture as much as possible in order to gain a better understanding of the differences and similarities between us and the people we meet, the customs we observe, and the mindsets that drive them.

Learning of another culture from first hand experiences is incredibly thought provoking, and can be life changing. I often find myself questioning why I believe one thing with pure conviction while a whole other set of people believe in another with the same passion and conviction. Who is right? Or are we both wrong?

By removing the act of judgment, we arrive at the truth: there is no right or wrong, just differing perspectives.

Even though it is challenging for me not to apply judgments and opinions based on my upbringing, remaining open, and just being an observer in the experience, leaving preconceptions and cultural biases at the border is essential to get closer to a new culture.

We have had the privilege of meeting some people along the way who have been open, and shared their perspectives with us, enabling us to gain a greater insight into the mindset and subtleties of a culture that could otherwise be missed.

To us, this is the difference between vacationing and traveling, having and taking the opportunity to build real relationships, to go deeper into the cultures and inevitably learn more about ourselves along the way.


Permalink by Gug   |  February 11, 2007 11:11 AM

You both seem to becoming "wise" ones. Usually it takes half a century of living in order to realize that we have a lot to learn, observe, still. Lovely.

Permalink by Anonymous   |  February 11, 2007 05:49 PM

Dear Paul and Jo-your erudite writing and new -found serenity and philosophy leave me speechless.I know you will return to us as Paul and Jo physically but emotionally and spiritually you will have evolved.I now know why this trip was so important to you- and I believe you are finding what you so desperately wanted to find-the meaning of life by exploring mankind in different cultures where there are major differences yet so many similarities as well.
Thrilled for both of you!

As a friend said to me- it takes a couple who are so much in sync to be able to do such a trip together . BRAVO!

PS Hope your family and friends will still measure up when you return to us !!!Love,A proud mom/mother-in-law Penny/Penelope xoxo

Permalink by Bill   |  February 12, 2007 09:23 AM

Yhis is real growth and by it you are truely enriching yourselves as well as all those people that you are shring your experiences with.

Permalink by Jennifer Aboudi   |  February 13, 2007 05:49 PM

Your words, your photos are gorgeous. I'd say that we miss you, but we feel like we're voyaging with you.
Lots of love from our chilly hemisphere,
Jennifer, Danny, Carli and Joseph

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