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Reset Between the Caribbean and Southeast Asia

Paul 2007-11-24
After a couple of months absorbing the Caribbean culture, we stopped in Mexico City for a few days and just enjoyed Thanksgiving with our friends in San Diego.

We took advantage of reliable Internet - which we didn't have since entering Cuba - to get some things done, like backing up photos to my pc in Montreal and booking some return tickets out of Bangkok, Thailand. They won't issue a visa without proof of onward bound transport. We also took advantage of access to stores selling everything we needed to restock particular consumables, replace worn gear and change some clothes for the climate.

I also bought a Blackberry Curve to replace the Windows Mobile HTC TyTN powerhouse of a phone/computer that was ultimately high in options but lacking in actually getting something done quickly. The Curve, with its qwerty thumb board, that I'm typing quite happily on now will be our new connection to the broader world beyond our location via email, RSS news subscriptions, surprisingly effective web access, Wikipedia, GPS positioned Google Maps, and other great tools that stroke our sense of connectedness to the pulse of the world as we move.

We're packing our small packs (freshly waterproofed) for the next leg of the travels that starts tomorrow morning in Taipei, Taiwan and follows with Bangkok, Thailand 10 days later.