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Last day of Summer

Joanne 2006-08-27

August 26th was a perfect day in so many ways. We got up early, got ready & enjoyed a nice breakfast anticipating the day's events. We were all quite relieved to wake to the sunshine rather than the predicted rain. The groom showed up looking dapper and was greeted by very proud parents. The main road to the church was closed because of construction so a peaceful drive through Linz's rolling countryside was enjoyed.

The reception was beautiful. Since it was in German, I did not understand anything except that two people who were definitely in love would be joined together on this day as husband and wife.

Afterwards champagne was shared in the church garden, along with many kisses and congratulations to the newly married couple. Paul and I got to re-unite with many that we had met the night before at the "meet and greet" at Simone's new art gallery which I might add featured some of Thomas's incredible paintings.

A short drive to the hotel where the festivities would continue. The hotel would best be described as, old school European. Basically, all around classy.

We dined on exquisite food while the room was filled with classical music from the string quartet.

Glasses clinked together following the speeches, which once again were not understood by me, but the message was clear.....love and happiness.

Coffee, tea, wine and cake were had in the garden where the quartet followed.

The bride and groom gave hugs and kisses to all before driving off to an undisclosed location in a 68 Citro├źn DS with tin cans clunking behind.

Since then, it has rained off and on everyday and the temperature has dropped significantly. What a great way to remember the last day of summer.


Permalink by alex + marie   |  September 9, 2006 10:30 PM

A: hey guys! M: How is your traveling? We all miss you a lot and more! A: hey again. i just wanted to tell u that the new neighbors are ruening your yard! the moss is dead,palms r black, and pokey stick-looking plants in the front look terrible. M: We had a block party last weekend. It wasn't as fun without you guys. we miss you tons and tons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A + M: hope to see you soon!

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